About Us

About Us

Soundvest Capital Management Ltd. was established in 1970 as JRF Financial Consultants Ltd. The name of the Firm was changed to Soundvest in 2016. Soundvest provides investment management services to high net-worth individuals, insurance companies, foundations, trusts, and publicly traded closed end funds.

Soundvest is a registered investment advisor with securities commissions in both Canada and the United States.

We attribute our longevity to never straying from our own values of wisdom, responsiveness, collaboration and commitment. It is a commitment that has helped us maintain strong client relationships that have stood the test of time.

At Soundvest, we also think about the value of a dollar. We think about it in monetary terms, but equally in human terms. Our entire company is built around this understanding. We really do care about our clients because it is not just about the money. Most of our clients have trusted us with capital assets that have taken a lifetime to build. Our role is to protect and enhance those assets for our clients.

Our mission is to service the investment needs of our clients with an uncompromising commitment to integrity, professionalism and performance.

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